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Aggressive Litigation in a Hostile World

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We Represent Your Interests Expediently and Economically, from Consultation to Trial.

JBV Law Firm offers a full array of services, from simple legal consultation to aggressive representation at trial. We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in both State and Federal Court, in Civil and Criminal Litigation, in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County 

We Represent Your Interests Expediently and Economically, Choose an Agressive Litigation Attorney to Represent You

Aggressive Representation in a Hostile World

Don't leave the fate of your case to an absurdly complex and procedurally aggravating legal system. Don't be bullied by relentless hostile attorneys who will stop at nothing to destroy you or your business. Take the offense and call JBV Law Firm today! 

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Dedicated Service and Extremely Fair Rates

 We are an Orange County based full-service law firm, offering professional representation throughout the litigation process. If you have been wronged and need representation, JBV Law Firm is here to help. Do not settle for a lawyer who can only settle, choose an experienced trial lawyer. We have experience handling complex cases, and a strong record of success. We are intelligent, extremely well versed, meticulous, and keep only our client's best interests in mind throughout the litigation process. 

We choose professionalism, customer satisfaction, and word of mouth over exorbitant billing practices. Let us represent you! 

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